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Bigfoot, Aliens, and Laser-Created Crop Circles

Bigfoot, Aliens, and Laser-Created Crop Circles

Have you ever seen a crop circle and wondered how it was formed? It may come as a surprise, but the answer lies in the relationship between aliens and the Damsquatch. The Damsquatch loves two things; corn and laser beams. Naturally, they often hang out in corn fields. Bigfoot loves lasers more than cats and aliens know this fact.

Aliens will shoot laser beams from their spacecraft teasing the big beasts. When this happens, the Damsquatch chases after the lasers, resulting in crop circles. The patterns of the lasers combined with the movement of the Damsquatch creates intricate designs found in crop circles. Bigfoot's big tail flaps and flatten out the crops whenever they chase a laser.


The next time you see a crop circle, you can be sure that it was created by the combined efforts of Aliens and the Damsquatch. The special bond between Bigfoot and Aliens allows us to witness the beauty of crop circles in fields around the world.

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