The Damsquatch

The Damsquatch

Sasquatch not the correct term anymore, it is Damsquatch now. The idea that Bigfoot is a beaver is based on a fact. For starters, Bigfoot is often described as having a large, bulky body and thick fur, similar to that of a beaver. Furthermore, sightings of Bigfoot often take place near bodies of water, which is where beavers are found. They are incredibly crafty creatures that are really good at staying hidden. It just makes sense that Bigfoot is a Beaver.

Bigfoot is just simply not in the woods. Damsquatch may be seen occasionally in the woods when they travel from lake to lake. They much prefer the water as their home. This explains their elusiveness and why they are so difficult to find. They will often return to the water to die and decompose. This is why no one has been able to find Bigfoot remains.

Bigfoots have adapted to winter conditions by migrating to the ocean. As the ocean is an unexplored area and they can remain hidden there while feasting on seafood.

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Ancient Proof

Drawing found in the tomb of Dr. Squatchbeaver.

Donald The Damsquatch

The first famous Damsquatch.

Ancient Warrior

Damsquatchs were highly prized by many ancient armies.

Teddy's Brother

Teddy Roosevelt's Half-Bigfoot Brother

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