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The Big Bigfoot Migration

The Big Bigfoot Migration

Bigfoots are part beaver because of a unique evolutionary adaptation. By merging the qualities of both species, Bigfoots are able to take advantage of the best aspects of both. They are able to swim like beavers, as well as have the strength and stature of a primate. This makes them incredibly elusive, and explains why no one can find Bigfoot in the woods. Damsquatches like to swim around from lake to lake and ocean to ocean.

Bigfoot will migrate to the ocean to take advantage of the warmer temperatures. The combination of beaver-like traits and the winter migration to the ocean make Damsquatches a fascinating species. This helps them to survive in the harsh winter climates plus the ocean is full of delicious seafood, which Bigfoots love to eat.

This is why they are so rarely seen in the winter – they are too busy feasting on the delicious clams, calamari, lobster, and penguins! Overall, Bigfoot is a beaver because of their hybrid qualities and love for water, which make them incredibly hard to spot in the wild. The great big Bigfoot winter migration makes the Damsquatches very very difficult to find.

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